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Established in 2014, the Grampus has been brewing real ale and has 5 distinct recipes to date. So far only available in the Grampus, the beers have received great interest from the area and have been thoroughly enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. Pop in to see which we have available on draught at the moment, there are also plans in the works to start getting some of our beer bottled in the near future – watch this space for more updates.


Grampus Bitter 3.8%


A pale typical bitter, lower in alcohol, refreshing with a strong bitter finish.


Grampus Ale 4.5%

Grampus Ale

A richer, medium strength, smoother and softer ale with a enjoyable rounded depth.


Hoppy Dog 4.6%

Hoppy Dog

A very light golden pale ale, very hoppy and slightly citrus flavours. We add our own home grown hops from the veranda to the fermenting vessel (fresh hopping), to add a lovely aroma and extra special floral notes. Also named after the three legged pub dog Lucy. Seasonal – made in the early Autumn when the hops are ready.


Orcadia 4.6%


Similar to the Hoppy Dog in colour and strength, but made in the Spring using fresh local gorse flowers when they’re at their best.


Kraken 5.0%


A very dark and malty ale. Plenty of richness and depth along with a hint of nutmeg. Not just a perfect winter beer, we thoroughly enjoy this one all year round.



Established in 2019, Grampus Gin was a huge hit from the very first bottle.